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CAMERON Scanner Model 2000 flow computer

One of the most flexible flow monitoring tools available in the industry is the Scanner Series 2000 Flow Computer. A large SCADA network, for instance a flow computer, RT UR, controll system or node, can be operated by any unit on its own. The first generation EFM Stream Model 2000 scanner can replace the instant graph recorders and heat sensors.

CAMERON Scanner Model 2000 Specifications

All three Stream PCs combine popular computing capabilities, basic battery power of lithium, and simple to use applications which are compact and up-to-date. The models vary with the packaging, the connections, I / O and the field hazards Flux instrument Series 2000 is able to evaluate normal petroleum, energy, volume, and a range of liquid formations. All documents of reading are under custody and are governed by the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. This self-supporting fluid system is good for monitoring recorders with an integrated pressure, full pressure and heat measurement sensor.

When an additional flow meters are fitted to evaluate gas, oil and water from a two-or three-phase separator, a single 2000 flow converter scanner is sufficiently powerful. Software Scanner Model 2000 satisfies a number of flow measures to fulfill custody transfer applications. For price advantages and effective soil tracking, scanner stream units can be installed and connected to Camero meters. They can also be separately installed in flow meters and automation systems as gas, fluid and ultrasound turbines. EFM computers series Scanner 2000 can simultaneously monitor various features, including only those used for process automation. In comparison with standard RTU and flow systems the Scanner Series 2000 provides high quality information for system analyzes. For streaming, booting or testing tracking, customers can record up to 16 readings every 5 seconds.