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Liquid turbine meters

Our company supplies a large range of liquid turbine flowmeters that can be used in a wide range of applications. Our product portfolio includes a large range of iquid turbine flowmeters which are largely used in offshore drilling, oil rigs and production systems for all types of applications.

Liquid turbine


The liquid turbine flowmeter spins the turbine called the rotor using the mechanical energy of the fluid. The blades on the turbine have been opened to convert energy into rotational energy. The rotor shaft rotates on the bearings. The speed of the fluid is proportional to the speed of this rotation. The rotation of the shaft can be detected mechanically or by the movement of a knife. 



The knife movement is usually detected by the reading of a closer approach sensor that generates pulses of magnetisation which are placed on each knife. This type of liquid turbine flowmeters are often a relatively inexpensive and practical solution for measuring the flow rate and the quantity in liquid-free liquid fluids. The principle of operation is based mainly on the fact that the moving liquid rotates the propeller axis to the direction of travel at its own speed.

Precise Liquid turbine flowmeter


The electronic measuring cell in the t liquid turbine flowmeter that detects the move of the sensor is enclosed with the body and it is removed from the liquid environment. It is leakproof and pressure resistant with a ram between the fluid contact area and the electronic cell and the external environment. The immersion type liquid turbine flowmeter is the recommended measurement element for industrial applications, mainly due to its advantages. Our company provides l liquid turbine flowmeters world wide with fast shipping option. Feel free to contact us via the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Liquid turbine flowmeter


  • Single sensor can be used in many pipe sizes and assembly line
  • Cheap and practical solution
  • Any problems and faults that may occur can be repaired on site
  • Does not require expensive electronic devices for display and control.
  • Can work at high pressures
  • Up to 1% accuracy and accuracy can be achieved
  • Horizontal or vertical pipe lines can be mounted. Usage areas; – Water – Salt water – Liquid fuel – Solvent – Food – Alcohol – Acid