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CAMERON Scanner 3100 Series (Wired and Wireless)

Our latest flow computer, the Scanner 3100 Model, offers a distributed evaluation network innovative cost and centralized computing expertise. 3100 flow computer offers a convenient technology solutions compliant, cost-effective, and privacy-based API-based laptop. A 3100 Flow computer is provided to the network supervisor.

CAMERON Scanner 3100 Specifications

The 3100 Model Computer Scanner shows the development and the rotation of linear stream management. In addition, the Scan 3100 FlowCom expands the Scanner Model 2000 series concept to the conventional evaluation automation architecture. As with the Scanner Series 2000, our water, flow meter, depth meter and pipe meter for connection to the product CALDON or other basic flow detector is available on and off on or off our scanner. The 3100 Scanner Model complies with 17 requirements for inputs and output for common industrial applications and offers customers full-or alternate mobile telephones, RTUs or full network capabilities.

The Scanner Model 3100’s computer design contains an Ethernet connection and a simple Internet connection. To control the device and ensure total freedom to monitor the operations locally or internally, users can use their laptop, tablet or smartphone. Gui makes the 3100 Scanner Model streaming board and networked computers more user-friendly. A web browser, FTP client or linear connection is available for you to access your data. In addition to day and hour flooding, the 3100 Stream Scanner Model monitors and records other important functions in the assessment of an asset or diagnose a problem. A trap diagram can be used for case-by-case or limited collection of high-resolution data.