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Cameron Nuflo 1502 Weco Union Liquid Turbine Flow Meter

The pipe and the rooms are designed to cope with the harsh conditions in oil fields. NUFLO 1502 WECO ® Carbide carbide flowmeter This flow meter is known over the years for its accuracy and precision to withstand severe conditions.

Cameron Nuflo 1502 Weco Specifications

The WECO turbine flow meter shows the rate of flow and evaluates the liquid line’s overall flow rate. The machine moves at the same speed as the flow rate when the fluid passes through the meter and the stove. The rotor propellers are moved through a magnetic pick-up sensor to produce an electrical message (sine wave). These pulses are transferred to the read-out device for flow measurement. Optional settings and/or designs allow erosion or corrosion of engine fluids such as fog or cement, slurries and enzymes.  The measurer should be washed with smooth water after using erosive or corrosive fluids. The fluid flow meter NUFLO 1502 WECO ® is suitable for high-druck injection water, inhibitor scales and spiral tubes for smooth purification. The valves are open / close, flow-back and mud cutting treatment are all applications.

There are several alternatives available, including: carbon-free rod to increase the resistance to corrosion of selected chemicals. The silver brazed shaft is at 450 ° F (232 ° C) and attacks the chemical. Increased chemical resistance to corrosion from selected rotors of the nickel plate (specifically ferrous corrosion acid). Modified rotors for applications of cement slurry or mud. The meter is mounted with the arrow attached to the stream line in the meter frame.  The 2 “3” or 4 “1502” steel tubing joint at distance from the direct tube must usually be attached to the up-and downflow meter; both valves or shocks should be downflow meters.